Cafe Menus

Monday – Saturday


Breakfast 9am – 3.30pm


BUBBLE & SQUEAK: GF With two poached eggs and grilled tomato 5.50

(add bacon or sausages or smoked salmon + 2.25 baked beans or mushrooms or hash browns + 1.50)

EGGS FLORENTINE: two poached eggs, toasted muffin, spinach and hollandaise V 7.50

EGGS BENEDICT two poached eggs on a toasted muffin with heritage-cure ham & hollandaise 7.95

EGGS ROYALE: two poached eggs, toasted muffin, Chew valley smoked salmon, hollandaise 8.50

FULL MONTY: 2 poached eggs, 2 rashers bacon, 2 sausages, 2 portobello mushrooms, baked beans,

grilled tomato, hash brown & sourdough toast 10.95

MINI MONTY: as above, but smaller..7.95



BOSTON BEANS: slow-cooked with sugar-pit bacon rib on bubble and squeak with a fried egg GF 8.50

SMASHED AVOCADO on sourdough toast with harissa-spiked roasted tomatoes & peppers,

crumbled goats cheese, poached egg, hazelnut dukka V 8.95

HOME-CURED CORNED BEEF HASH with onions, sauteed potato & sweet potato, cornichons and topped with a fried egg GF 6.95

BELGIAN WAFFLES – with bananas & hot chocolate sauce or with red berries, yoghurt & maple syrup or bacon & maple syrup 5.95

ORGANIC MUESLI nuts & seeds, red berries, yoghurt & honey 4.95


Lunch 11.30am – 5pm


CRISPY COCONUT PANCAKE: Vietnamese-style filled with fresh white crab, sea-spiced aubergine and chilli

and served with crunchy gem salad, light soy dressing 8.95

HOMEMADE 7oz BEEFBURGER with caramelised red onions tomato and chilli relish,

melting Hereford Hop cheese in a herby foccacia bun, mixed salad 8.95

FRIED BUTTERMILK CHICKEN: in a brioche bun with southern-style Cajun dressing, fresh tomato and avocado salsa, mixed green salad 8.95

SWEETCORN FRITTERS: with chilli & feta, served with coriander tzatziki and harissa-spiked roast tomatoes, fresh mixed leaves V 8.95

PEA, COURGETTE AND MOZZARELLA ARANCINI: with peashoot salad and lemon dressing V 8.95

SPICY CHICKEN SATAY: in a wrap with beanshoots, Asian slaw and peanut sauce 8.95

FALAFEL WRAP with hummus, raita, tomato and coriander, pickled cucumber and spinach, served with a mixed salad V 8.95

GRILLED GOATS CHEESE on crostini with caramelised pears, crispy fried walnuts, pesto, salad leaves and cherry tomatoes V 8.95

WELLNESS SALAD with mushroom and nut rissoles, roasted beetroot, butternut squash & red onion, tossed with thyme infused quinoa, nigella, pumpkin & chia seeds. Mixed leaves and pomegranate dressing Vegan 8.95

FATTOUSH SALAD: Lebanese-style crunchy salad with cucumber, tomato, radish and toasted pita,

served with sumac dressing and falafels Vegan 8.95

PERSIAN LAMB & SOUR CHERRY MEATBALLS with tomato sauce, saffron yoghurt and sumac dressing 8.95

WARM SAVOURY CROISSANT filled with roast ham, gruyere and Portobello mushrooms 4.50 with salad 5.95

CRACKING CHEESE PLOUGHMAN’S Wensleydale, Montgomery cheddar and Colston Bassett stilton with crusty Hobb’s House baguette, chutney,apple, beetroot, pickled onion and tomato 8.50 V £2 from the sale of every Ploughman’s will be donated to Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal. Charity no.1043603. ©&™ Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Foundation/Aardman/W&G Ltd 2016. All rights reserved.

SOUPER TOASTIE cup of today’s soup, mini toasted ciabatta (choose from our regular sandwich fillings below)

and timbale of straw chips with pink peppercorns and crispy shallots 7.95

REGULAR SANDWICHES 5.95 on Hobbs House white or granary with a side salad

PULLED SMOKED CHICKEN mayonnaise, rocket and grated parmesan

HOT-SMOKED SALMON cream cheese, avocado, tomato and coriander salsa

TUNA pickled cucumber, mayonnaise, gruyere

HERITAGE-CURE HAM coleslaw, cornichons, mustard and crispy fried shallots

AVOCADO cream cheese & fresh herbs, Morrocan-spiced roasted tomatoes and peppers


PRIMROSE CLUB smoked chicken, mayonnaise, avocado, smoked bacon, cheddar, tomato, mixed leaves and Burts salted crisps 8.50

DELUXE FISHFINGER SANDWICH breaded salmon goujons, tartare sauce, tomatoes and salad leaves on Hobbs House white or granary bread 8.50

CROQUE MONSIEUR with ham and béchamel sauce, gratinated with gruyere cheese, mixed salad 7.95

CROQUE MADAME the above with a fried egg 8.50

OPEN TARTINES 7.95 (less bread, more topping)

THE SCANDI OPEN with cured smoked salmon, pickled cucumber slices in dill, mustard and pink peppercorn vinaigrette, beetroot slices and celeriac remoulade on pimpernickel & cranberry rye

GOAT’S CHEESE, balsamic roasted beetroot, rocket and walnut gremolata dressing on toasted sourdough V

CAPRESE with fresh cherry tomatoes, marinated black olives, basil and buffalo mozzarella, lemon and olive oil dressing V


HOMECUT FAT CHIPS with house spicy ketchup 3.95

SWEET POTATO WEDGES paprika and aioli dip 4.50

STRAW CHIPS rosemary sea-salt, pink peppercorns, crispy fried shallots and homemade mayonnaise 3.95

LATE LUNCH Tuesday-Saturday 3.30 – 6pm – please see late lunch menu




from 9.30am


THE FULL MONTY: toasted bagel, two scrambled eggs, two bacon rashers, grilled tomato, two pork sausages, baked beans,

Portobello mushrooms, mini bubble & squeak 10.95

THE MINI MONTY toasted bagel, scrambled eggs, a pork sausage & a bacon rasher, grilled tomato,

baked beans,, Portobello mushroom and mini bubble & squeak 8.50

THE VEGGIE MONTY: toasted bagel, two scrambled eggs, grilled tomato, baked beans, baked Portobello mushroom and mini bubble & squeak 7 .95 V


EGGS FLORENTINE: Two poached eggs, toasted muffin, wilted spinach & hollandaise sauce 7.50 V

EGGS BENEDICT Two poached eggs , toasted muffin with heritage-cured ham and hollandaise sauce 7.95

EGGS ROYALE: Two poached eggs, toasted muffin, Chew Valley smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce 8.50


CROQUE MONSIEUR toasted with heritage-cure ham, gruyere and bechamel sauce, mixed salad 7.50

CROQUE MADAME a Monsieur with a fried egg 7.95

CROQUE FLORENTINE no ham, wilted spinach and a fried egg 7.50 V

CROQUE SEÑOR a Monsieur with Manchego cheese, fried chorizo and smoked paprika 8.50


BELGIAN WAFFLES with red berries, yoghurt & maple syrup or bananas & hot chocolate sauce or with bacon and maple syrup 5.95

ORGANIC MUESLI with toasted nuts and seeds, red berries, yoghurt & honey 4.95

TOASTED BANANA BREAD with cinnamon ricotta, candied pecans, honey and bananas 5.95


BUBBLE & SQUEAK with two poached eggs, grilled tomato 5.50 GF V

Bubble sides: Chew Valley smoked bacon 2.25 (2 rashers) – Chew valley Smoked salmon 2.25 – Two pork sausages 2.25 – Mushrooms 1.50 – Baked Beans 1.50 – Hash browns 1.50


POSH MUSHROOMS: pan-fried portobello mushrooms on sourdough toast, finished with sherry, cream, mustard and tarragon 6.95 V

SMOKED HADDOCK FISHCAKES with two poached eggs & parsley sauce 7.95


PAN CATALAN: roasted tomatoes on chargrilled sourdough with olive oil and sea salt 4.95 V

PRIMROSE BRUNCH BLT on chargrilled sourdough with dry cured bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise 6.95

BOSTON BEANS slow-cooked with sugar-pit bacon rib, bubble & squeak and a fried egg 8.50


BLOODY MARY with celery sticks, black pepper and tabasco 4.95/6.50 double

BUCK’S FIZZ – sparkling Albariño with freshly-squeezed orange juice 4.95

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